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I Actually Dyed My Hair Half Red/Half Black…But It’s No Longer Like This u.u
Hello Tumblr World…I Have Returned! :3
Going To Dye Half Of My Hair Black Sometime Soon…Hopefully.
Leda’s SOO Pretty…I’m Jealous u.u (Her Hair’s More Of A Pink Than Red Here…Mine Will Be More Red)
This…. :D

Song: Scene Two Roger Rabbit
Artist: Sleeping With Sirens
crediting me isn’t necessary but please don’t steal and claim as your own
Red Has Got To Be My Favorite Hair Color I’ve Had So Far ^-^
R.I.P Blonde Hair u.u
Oh My God! XD I Love Jackson Haha

Finally Dyed My Hair Red, And I’m Loving It!



Happy Easter!


Gotta Love Jersey Shore XD
My Boyfriend’s Dead Peep Bunny…Poor Thing Haha